Lockworx® Industrial Lock Repair & Installation

Relax knowing your locks are ready for anything.

You can trust Lockworx® to provide top quality, professional service, 24/7. We carry and service nearly any lock used in commercial buildings today.

Commercial Lock Installation
Commercial Lock Rekeying

Lockworx® Industrial Rekeying

Let Lockworx® handle your corporate rekeying

Lockworx can rekey your commercial locks safely and securely. According to Fortune, employees account for 43% of occupational fraud and $18 billion in lost revenues annually for all businesses worldwide. Much of this occurs because of failure to control keys/access, and personnel changes.

Letting Lockworx handle your corporate security means you can relax knowing your goods are safe.

Lockworx® Industrial Lock Hardware

All the hardware your company needs.

For the safety and security of your business, you need a locksmith you can trust. Our technicians adhere to HIPAA guidelines and can provide secure doors and desks to protect medical records, master key systems, maintenance of locks and doors, and much more – all at reasonable prices.

  • Commercial Deadbolts and Door Locks
  • Service and Maintenance of Crash Bars
  • Replacement and Control of Keys and Locks For Desks and Cabinets
  • Maintenance and Replacement of Push-Pull Paddles
  • Installation of High Security Proprietary Key Control Systems For Mechanical Locks
Commercial Security

44% of business inventory loss is from employee theft.

Let Lockworx ensure the security of your business

  • Master Key & Key Control Systems
  • High Security Key Control Systems
  • Security Monitoring Installation

Know true security with Lockworx®  at your side.

Let Lockworx handle your business security & locksmithing

  • Commercial Lock Repair & Installation
  • Commercial Rekeying
  • Commercial Automotive
  • Key Control Systems
Commercial Rekeying

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